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Configuration Guides Overview

The Device Management Interface (DMI) schema-based Configuration Editor that is shipped with Junos Space Network Management Platform helps you modify the entire configuration of a device. However, to modify only a part of the configuration of the device, use the custom-built user interface of Configuration Guides.

Configuration Guides are deployed as a single application on the Junos Space Network Management Platform. When you install Junos Space Network Management Platform on a device, the Configuration Guides packaged in the application are automatically displayed on the View/Edit Configuration page. All changes to the device configuration you made using the Configuration Guides are collected as a single change request. The configuration changes you make in one Configuration Guide are visible in other Configuration Guides and the Configuration Editor. If you change a parameter using two Configuration Guides, the change made in the last Configuration Guide is accepted. The changes are merged in chronological order. You can preview the combined configuration changes in XML and CLI formats.

When you have finished editing the device configuration using the Configuration Guides, you can finalize the changes by previewing and saving the changes, or by deploying the changes on the device. Clicking the Deploy button takes you to the Review/Deploy Configuration page.