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Viewing Tenant Systems for a Physical Device

For detailed information about using tenant systems on Juniper Networks security devices, see Logical Systems and Tenant Systems User Guide for Security Device.

To view the tenant systems configured on a selected physical device:

  1. Select Devices > Device Management.
  2. On the Network Management Platform user interface, select Devices > Device Management.

    The Device Management page displays the devices managed in Junos Space Network Management Platform.

  3. Locate the table row for the physical device.
    If the device supports tenant systems, the device name will be followed by link text indicating how many tenant systems are configured on it. If no tenant systems are configured on the device, the link text reads “0 TSYS(s).”
  4. Click on the link text next to the name of the physical device.
    Space Platform filters the device inventory list so that it lists the tenant systems configured on the selected physical device.
  5. To clear the filter and return the inventory list to its original view, click the red X next to the filter criteria above the inventory list.