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Viewing Device Association of Images

You can view the images that are staged to a single device or multiple devices running Junos OS by using Junos Space Network Management Platform. You can view the device associations for one or more images from the Images page. On the Images page, click View in the Associations column of an image entry to view the associated devices for that image.


You can view the device association of satellite software packages and Junos Continuity software packages by following the procedure for viewing the device association of device images.

To view devices on which an image is staged:

  1. On the Junos Space Platform UI, select Images and Scripts > Images.

    The Images page appears.

  2. Select an image.

    Junos Space does not display images that are staged out-of-band.

  3. Select View Associated Devices from the Actions menu or click View in the Associations column.

    The View Associated Devices page appears with valid image–device association details, which include the image name, the device name, device alias custom label, IP address, platform, software version, and staged status of the devices. If you are viewing the device associations of a Junos Continuity software package, the deployed status is also displayed. This page is read-only and hence you cannot perform any actions on this page.


    The image(–)device(s) association details are displayed only if you stage an image on to devices in Junos Space Release 13.3R1 or later versions. If you staged an image on to a device by using a version prior to Junos Space Release 13.3R1 and then upgraded to Release 13.3R1 or later versions, then this image(–)device(s) association is not displayed.

  4. Click Back at the top of the View Associated Devices page.

You are now returned to the Images page.