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Viewing Device Statistics

You can view device statistics when you select the Devices workspace. The charts presented on the Devices page display the connection status of the devices, number of devices per OS, number of devices per platform, and the auto-resynchronization state of the devices. All the charts are interactive.

The Devices page displays the following charts:

  • Device Count by Platform—Number of Juniper Networks devices organized by type

  • Device Status—Number of devices organized by the connection status on the network

  • Device Count by OS—Number of devices running a particular Junos OS release

  • Device Count by Synchronization State—Number of devices organized by auto-resynchronization state

To view device statistics:

  1. On the Junos Space Network Management Platform user interface, select Devices.

    The Devices page is displayed. This page displays the charts related to the devices.

  2. Click a specific label on a chart.

    You are redirected to the Device Management page, the contents of which are filtered based on the label you clicked.

    To save the chart as an image or to print the chart, right-click the chart and select Save or Print respectively.