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Tags Overview

You can create user-defined tags on an application workspace inventory page to easily categorize and organize managed objects. Subsequently, you can view and use these tags to easily search for multiple objects to view the status or perform a bulk action on them without having to select each object individually.

Tags are classified into two categories: private tags and public tags. Private tags are those that are created by you and can be used only by you because they are not visible to others. Public tags are those that are available to all users for tagging objects that are accessible to them. You need the Tag Administrator role privileges to create, modify, or delete a public tag, manage hierarchical tags, as well as convert a private tag to a public tag. However, any Junos Space user can:

  • Create, modify, and delete private tags

  • View public and private tags

  • Tag and untag objects by using public and private tags

  • Export public and private tags


You cannot view or access private tags created by other users. However, if you are a user with the Tag Administrator role, you can view and access private tags of other users.

Tag names should not start with a space; contain a comma, double quotation marks, or parentheses; and exceed 255 characters. Also, you cannot name a tag “Untagged” because it is a reserved term.

To use tags:

  1. Create a private or public (shared tag) by using the Administration > Tags > Create Tag user interface (see Creating a Tag), or from a Device Management or Job Management inventory landing page (see Managing Hierarchical Tags).

  2. Tag an object on an inventory page. For example, you can tag an object on the Device Management inventory page. After you tag an object, you can view or untag existing tags. See Tagging an Object and Untagging Objects.

  3. (Optional) Create hierarchical tags and manage them on the Tag Hierarchy pane in the Tag view on an inventory landing page for taggable objects (such as devices or jobs). See Managing Hierarchical Tags.

  4. Manage tags using the Administration > Tags inventory page, or a Device Management or Job Management inventory landing page. You can view, share, rename, or delete tags, as well as view the list of objects assigned to a tag from this page. See Viewing Tags for a Managed Object, Sharing a Tag, Renaming Tags, Deleting Tags, and Viewing Tagged Objects.

My Favorite Private Tag

When you mark an object as favorite for the first time, a private tag named My Favorite is created automatically. After the My Favorite tag is created, all objects marked using the Mark as Favorite workflow are assigned the My Favorite tag. You can access this tag from any of the inventory landing pages that allow you to select objects by tags. You cannot modify the My Favorite tag to a public tag. Currently, CLI Configlets, scripts, or scripts in a script bundle can be marked as favorites. When you unmark an object as favorite by using the Unmark as Favorite workflow, the object is untagged from the My Favorite tag.

Device Tags

Device tags are tags that are applicable only to devices and associate a tag with the IP address or hostname of a device managed by Junos Space Platform. Device tags are uploaded in the CSV format. You can associate the IP address or hostname with a custom tag and categorize the tag as a public or private tag. These tags can be used to filter devices when deploying a device template, upgrading a device image, staging scripts, or applying CLI Configlets to devices through workflows that enable filtering by tags.

For more information about creating and uploading device tags by using a CSV file, see Uploading Device Tags by Using a CSV File.