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Junos Space Store Overview

About the Junos Space Store

From Junos Space Network Management Platform Release 18.2 onward, you can install and upgrade Junos Space applications from Junos Space Store. Junos Space Store is a repository that lists the latest and supported versions of Junos Space applications.

Junos Space Store enables easy installation of Junos Space applications (including Junos Space application components) from within Junos Space Platform. When you install an application from Junos Space Store, Junos Space Platform downloads the application and installs it instead of requiring you to download it to the local file system from the Juniper Networks software download site: If you try to select an incompatible version of a Junos Space application, a warning message appears, indicating that the application version that you are trying to install or upgrade is not compatible with the installed Junos Space Platform version. For more information, see Configuring and Managing Junos Space Store.

You can also view the versions for each application that are compatible with the installed version of Junos Space Platform and whether or not different applications can coexist within Junos Space Platform.

Alternatively, you can download the applications from the Juniper Networks software download site, and add it to Junos Space Platform by using the existing workflow. For more information, see Adding a Junos Space Application.

Benefits of Junos Space Store

  • You can access information about Junos Space application versions and verify the supported versions from within Junos Space Store, and thus do not need to refer to external resources.

  • As you can install and upgrade applications directly from Junos Space Store, you save the time and effort needed to manually download application images from the Juniper Networks software download site and upload them to Junos Space Platform for installation.

  • You can configure application components from within Junos Space Store.