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Hot Patch Releases

This section describes the installation procedure and resolved issues in Junos Space Network Management Platform Release 21.2R1 hot patches.

During hot patch installation, the script performs the following operations:

  • Blocks the device communication.
  • Stops JBoss, JBoss-dc, and watchdog services.
  • Backs up existing configuration files and Enterprise Application Archive (EAR) files.
  • Updates the Red Hat Package Manager (RPM) files.
  • Restarts the watchdog process, which restarts JBoss and JBoss-dc services.
  • Unblocks device communication after restarting the watchdog process for device load balancing.

You must install the hot patch on Junos Space Network Management Platform Release 21.2R1 or on any previously installed hot patch. The hot patch installer backs up all the files which are modified or replaced during hot patch installation.

Installation Instructions

Perform the following steps in the CLI of the JBoss-VIP node only:

  1. Download the Junos Space Platform 21.2R1 Patch vX from the download site.

    Here, X is the hot patch version. For example, v1, v2, and so on.

  2. Copy the Space-21.2R1-Hotpatch-vX.tgz file to the /home/admin location of the VIP node.

  3. Verify the checksum of the hot patch for data integrity:

    md5sum Space-21.2R1-Hotpatch-vX.tgz.

  4. Extract the Space-21.2R1-Hotpatch-vX.tgz file:

    tar -zxvf Space-21.2R1-hotpatch-vX.tgz

  5. Change the directory to Space-21.2R1-Hotpatch-vX.

    cd Space-21.2R1-Hotpatch-vX

  6. . Execute the script from the Space-21.2R1-Hotpatch-vX folder:


    The script detects whether the deployment is a standalone deployment or a cluster deployment and installs the patch accordingly.

A marker file, /etc/.Space-21.2R1-Hotpatch-vX, is created with the list of Red-hat Package Manager (RPM) details in the hot patch.

  • We recommend that you install the latest available hot-patch version, which is the cumulative patch.

  • Set the SSH option “ServerAliveInterval” to a minimum value of 300, when connecting to the Applogic VIP via SSH to apply the hotpatch.

    Sample command: ssh admin@x.x.x.x -o ServerAliveInterval=300.

Resolved Issues

Table 1 lists the resolved issues in Junos Space Network Management Platform Release 21.2R1 hot patch.

Table 1: Resolved Issues in Junos Space Network Management Platform Release 21.2R1 Hot Patch
PR Description Hot Patch Version
PR1611657 Topology links do not show the real time data in OpenNMS. v1
PR1638525 Image upload fails with Software validation failure, check certificate keys message in Network Director. v2
PR1607487 When you run the stress test script with low number of iterations, the server log shows java.lang.ClassCastException error message in large numbers. v3
PR1613697 When you configure eth1 for administration (jmp_config), the database backup fails with Failed to backup configuration files. Machine IP: error message. v3
PR1613823 After an upgrade to CentOS 7 in Junos Space Network Management Platform, the log rotation fails due to permission issue in /var/log folder. v3
PR1614385 When you unfold one or more physical inventory entries, the entries don't stay as long as you are on the page, and folds in automatically after few seconds. v3
PR1619589 The electronic labels are filling up the server logs with massive MySQL selects. v3
PR1628113 The VIP node is switching back to original node after a reboot of the space node. v3

When you assign a device to a single sub-domain and pass the domain ID to the REST request, the request fails with Status Code = 500 error.

PR1621691 When you use #terminate() configlet to stop a particular job, the job status shows Failure under Job Management but still shows Inprogress under Job Details. v3
PR1609622 Import of large configlets gets stuck during the upload in Junos Space Network Management Platform. v3
PR1646503 Multiple default-log-subscriptions for Junos Space Network Management Platform. v4
PR1646459 The Network Time Protocol (NTP) fails to run when you reboot the Junos Space Network Management Platform release 21.2R1 node. v4
PR1606752 The devices in Junos Space Network Management Platform shows the out-of-band (OOB) changes, but do not display the user details. v4

Log4j vulnerabilities are addressed in Junos Space Network Management Platform Release 21.2R1 hot patch v1.