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Terminating User Sessions

When you trigger a session termination, the users whose sessions you have chosen for termination are notified. The notification includes the date and time when the sessions will be terminated. As a user whose session will be terminated, you are automatically logged out at the scheduled date and time and redirected to the login page.


You cannot terminate sessions of a user with the username super.

When you delete or disable a user in Junos Space Network Management Platform, the user’s sessions is terminated automatically. If a user closes the session before the scheduled time for terminating the session and logs back in, the new session is not considered for session termination.

To terminate user sessions:

  1. On the Junos Space Network Management Platform user interface, select Role Based Access Control > User Sessions.

    The User Sessions page that appears displays the list of users that are currently logged in to Junos Space.

  2. Select one or more users whose sessions you want to terminate.
  3. Select Terminate User Session from the Actions menu.

    The Terminate User Session pop-up window is displayed. This page displays the user sessions that you have selected to terminate and the IP address from which the users are logged in currently.

  4. Select the Schedule at a later time check box to terminate the user sessions at a future point in time.
  5. Select the appropriate date and time for terminating sessions from the date and time menus, respectively.
  6. Click Confirm on the Terminate User Session page.

A job is created to terminate the sessions selected for session termination. When the job is scheduled, the users whose sessions you have selected for terminating receive a pop-up message displaying the date and time you have specified for terminating their sessions.

When you terminate a user session, an audit log entry is automatically generated. On the Audit Log page (Audit Logs > Audit Log), you can filter data in the Task column by using the Terminate keyword to determine the number of terminated sessions, the name of the user that initiated this termination (from the User Name column), the IP address from which the user session is terminated (from the User IP column), the time at which the session is terminated (from the Timestamp column), and so on.