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Configuring SNMP Data Collection per Interface

For each different SNMP collection scheme, there is a parameter called SNMP Storage Flag. If this value is set to primary, then only values pertaining to the node as a whole or the primary SNMP interface are stored in the system. If this value is set to all, then all interfaces for which values are collected are stored. If this parameter is set to select, then the interfaces for which data is stored can be selected. By default, only information from primary and secondary SNMP interfaces are stored.

You can choose other non-IP interfaces on a node if you have set up the SNMP collection.

To manage SNMP data collection for each interface:

  1. Select Network Monitoring > Admin > Configure SNMP Data Collection per Interface.

    The Manage SNMP Data Collection per Interface page appears.

  2. Select the node for which you want to manage data collection.

    The Choose SNMP Interfaces for Data Collection page appears listing all known interfaces.

  3. Select the appropriate value for the interface in the Collect column.

    Primary and secondary interfaces are always selected for data collection.