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Retrying a Job on Failed Devices

Junos Space Network Management Platform allows you to retry jobs that did not complete successfully on devices on which they were configured to run. You can retry a failed job to ensure that the job succeeds on all target devices.

The following jobs can be retried if they fail:

  • Applying configlets

  • Backing up or restoring configuration files

  • Validating or deploying a configuration

  • Staging or executing a script

  • Executing an operation

  • Undeploying a template

  • Deploying a template

  • Deploying a device Image

  • Staging a device image

  • Verifying a device image

  • Staging or executing a script bundle

  • Backing up the database

  • Resynchronizing the network elements

To retry a job that was not successful:

  1. On the Junos Space Platform UI, select Jobs > Job Management.

    The Job Management page that appears displays the list of jobs.

  2. Select the failed job that you want to retry.
  3. From the Actions menu, select Retry on Failed Devices.

    The Retry Job dialog box appears.

    • Only devices that belong to the domain to which you are logged in are displayed in this dialog box.

    • The fields displayed and the steps that you must follow to retry a job might vary depending on the job that you selected.

  4. You can retry the job on all failed devices or only a few failed devices. Perform one of the following actions:
    • To retry the job on all devices listed on multiple pages, select Select All Devices Across Pages.

      If you select this option, the check boxes in the Select Applicable Devices table showing the device listings are unavailable.

    • If you want to run the job on a specific device, and you know the name of the device, enter the first few letters of the device name in the Search field and select the device from the suggestion list.

    • To run the job on one or more devices, select the device or devices from the Select Applicable Devices table.

      The following columns are displayed:

      • Name—Name of the device

      • IP Address—IP address of the device

      • Job Status—Status of the job: Failed/Failure, Success, or Canceled

      • Description—Description of the nature of the failure

  5. (Optional) To view the devices on which the job cannot be retried, click the View Inapplicable Devices link.

    The View Inapplicable Devices page is displayed. This page shows all the devices on which the job cannot be retried.

  6. (Optional) To retry the job later, select the Schedule at a later time check box.

    Select the date and time to run the job, from the date and time drop-down lists that appear.

  7. Click Run.

    An information dialog box appears.

  8. Click OK.

    The Job Management page is displayed. The retry job is listed on this page.

    If the Status column displays Success, the job you retried was executed successfully on the selected devices.