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Viewing Logical Interfaces

You can view logical interfaces on a per-port basis or on a per-device or per-logical system basis. You can view the logical interface configurations for one or more devices or logical systems to troubleshoot problems.

You can access the Logical Interfaces view in either of two ways: from the Manage Devices inventory page, or from within the Physical Interfaces view. These two procedures are described separately below.

To view the logical interfaces configured for a selected device from the Manage Devices inventory page:

  1. On the Network Management Platform user interface, select Devices > Device Management. A tabular list of devices appears.
  2. Select the devices for which you want to view logical interface information and select Device Inventory > View Logical Interfaces from the Actions menu.

    Junos Space Network Management Platform displays the status of the logical interfaces for the selected devices in a table. Its possible fields are described in Table 1. Some columns may be hidden. To expose them, mouse over any column head, click the down arrow that appears, select Columns from the resulting menu, and check the columns you want to see.

    Table 1: Logical Interfaces Columns



    Device Name

    Configuration name of the device. This column is displayed by default.

    Interface Name

    Standard information about the interface, in the format type-/fpc/pic/port/logical interface, where type is the media type that identifies the network device; for example, ge-0/0/6.135.

    IP Address

    IP address for the logical interface

    IPv6 Address

    IPv6 address for the interface. The address is displayed only if an IPv6 address is configured on the device.


    Encapsulation type used on the logical interface


    VLAN ID for the logical interface


    An optional description configured for the interface. It can be any text string of 512 or fewer characters. Any longer string is truncated. If there is no information, the column entry is blank.


    Domain to which the device is assigned

  3. Select Return to Inventory View at the top left of the display.