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Viewing Device Image Deployment Results

Junos Space Network Management Platform enables you to view the results of device image deployment. You can also filter the results to display only those instances where deployment failed.


You can view the deployment results for satellite software packages and Junos Continuity software packages by following the procedure for viewing deployment results for device images.

To view deployment results:

  1. On the Junos Space Platform UI, select Images and Scripts > Images.

    The Images page appears.

  2. Click the View Deployed Results icon.

    The View Deployed Results page appears, displaying the job ID, scheduled start time, name of the image, job description, script bundles executed, actual start time, end time, and the results of the deployment job. The columns on this page can be displayed or hidden as required.

    To display or hide a column:

    1. Click the down arrow on any column header.
    2. Select Columns.

      A list with menu options corresponding to all available column headings appears with a check box next to each heading. The check boxes for the headings that are displayed are selected; those that are hidden are not selected.

    3. Select or deselect the headings as desired.

      The tabular view changes to reflect your choices.

  3. (Optional) To view only the failures in deployment, select the Show Failures check box. By default, this check box is unselected.

    If the check box is selected, then the View Deployed Results page displays only the deployment jobs that failed.

  4. (Optional) To view more information about the status of a job:
    1. On the View Deployed Results page, select a job.
    2. In the Results column, click the SUCCESS or FAILURE link.

      The Image Deploy Results page appears, displaying the following information:

      • Image Name—Deployed image name

      • Job Id—Deployment job ID

      • Result—Indicates whether the deployment is a success or failure

      • Summary—Deployment options that you selected while deploying the image

      • Hostname—Device to which the image is deployed

      • Comment—More information about the status of the job

        Example text, which is displayed when a deployment job is a failure:Image [12.3R3.4] to be deployed: jinstall-ex-3300-12.3R3.4-domestic-signed.tgzGathered Routing Engine Information.Failed to execute RPC request-package-add in 1024.134 seconds.Error message from Device: null

        Example text, which is displayed when a deployment job is a success:Image [11.4R7.5] to be deployed: junos-srx1k3k-11.4R7.5-doemstic.tgzCompleted copying file to the device.Package installed on device.Device rebooted.Gathered software version information.

    3. (Optional) To determine whether the scripts that you chose to execute before and after image deployment were successfully executed, click the arrow next to the hostname.

      Two tables appear, which display a list of prescripts and postscripts and whether they were successfully executed.

    4. Click Close on the Image Deploy Results page to return to the View Deployed Results page.
  5. Click the Images breadcrumb at the top of the View Deployed Results page to return to the Images page.