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XML Extensions

In a Configuration View, the querying is not restricted to the Device XML data. Junos Space Platform lets users define parameters that can fetch additional details that are not a part of the device XML itself.

Operational Status

In the config viewer, realtime status of the component could be queried using the XPath <xpath-of-the-component>/oper-status.


For physical interface component, <xpath-of-physical-inteface>/oper-status/text() cannot be used. Its only possible to query with <xpath-of-physical-inteface>>/oper-status. This limitation doesn't apply for chassis components.

Customized Attributes

In config viewer, Custom attributes of a component could be queried using the XPath <xpath-of-the-component>/customized-attribute[name='<attribute-name>'].

While defining a view with customized attribute, the user has an option to make it editable. Making a customized attribute editable would allow the user to edit the values inline. Changes would be persisted immediately. To make a customized attribute editable, enable the checkboxes ‘Customized Attribute’ and ‘Editable’. Custom attributes are editable only in Grid View.


For custom attributes XPath <xpath-of-the-component>/customized-attribute[name='<attribute-name>'] can be used, but /text() or any other extensions at the end of the XPath cannot be used.