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User Groups Overview

A user group is a collection of users who can view the jobs of all the users assigned to the user group.

Junos Space Management Platform provides an enhanced workflow to manage logical groups or user groups. In this workflow, you can perform the following operations with user groups:

  • Create a user group and assign user(s) to it.

  • Modify an existing user group by assigning more users to it, or removing existing users using the Assign or Unassign options respectively.

  • Delete user groups if they are not required anymore.

  • Search for a particular user in a user group.

  • Filter users in a user groups as required.

  • View details of a user group.

Once the user(s) are added to a group, then by default, user can view his own jobs and assigned group members job regardless of the user's job visibility permission.

  • Only a Junos Space Super Administrator, User Administrator, or a user assigned to a custom role that provides permissions to manage user groups can create and manage user groups.

  • A Super Administrator cannot be assigned to any user groups.