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Junos Space Purging Policy and Purging Categories Overview

Junos Space Network Management Platform provides a built-in purging policy that enables you to purge backup files, logs, and other resources on the Junos Space server, and free system resources. The purging policy provided by Junos Space Platform is also a framework for purging that Junos Space applications can use to specify files and logs to be purged in application-specific locations.

The following categories can be purged:

  • Configuration files—Backup device configuration files in the /var directory

  • Reports—Generated reports in the /var directory

  • Database backup files—Database backup files in the /var directory

  • Troubleshooting log files—Troubleshooting log files in the /var/cache/jboss/space-logs directory

  • Other log files—Log files mainly in the /var/log/ directory with the filenames *.log.*, messages.*, or SystemStatusLog.*

A user with System Administrator or Super Administrator privileges (or a custom user with the Purging Policy task assigned) can view and modify purging criteria and trigger conditions for Junos Space Platform and, if configured, for installed applications. In addition, the user can enable or disable purging categories and view detailed information about the purging job on the Job Management page.


The Purging Policy task (in the Role Based Access Control workspace) comprises the subtasks Modify Purging Policy, Edit Purging Category, and Set Policy Status.

Purging is triggered when one of the following conditions is met in the following order of priority:

  1. When the specified percentage threshold of disk usage is exceeded—Junos Space monitors the /var and /var/log partitions every five minutes by using a cron job and triggers a purging job if the threshold is crossed for any of the purging categories.

    • When the /var partition exceeds the specified disk threshold percentage, files are purged in the following decreasing order of priority: Database backup files > Reports and Troubleshooting log files > Configuration files.

    • In all partitions, the files are purged only until the disk threshold percentage is exceeded; when the disk threshold percentage for a particular partition falls below the specified value, the purging is stopped.

    • For a purging policy triggered by a cron job:

      • If the Junos Space fabric is configured with MySQL on one or two dedicated database nodes, the database backup files and log files (mainly in the /var/log/ directory with the filenames *.log.*, messages.*, or SystemStatusLog.*) are not purged from the dedicated database nodes.

      • If the Junos Space fabric is configured with one or two FMPM nodes,the log files (mainly in the /var/log/ directory with the filenames *.log.*, messages.*, or SystemStatusLog.*) are not purged from the FMPM nodes.

  2. When the scheduled (recurring or nonrecurring) purging job is due.


The purging job is applicable only to the purging categories on which the purging policy is enabled.