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Disabling and Enabling Users

From Junos Space Network Management Platform, you can disable a user to prevent the user from logging in to the system. By default, all users are enabled.

  • You cannot disable your own user account.

  • You cannot disable the super user. However, you can disable a user with the Super Administrator role.

You can also configure Junos Space Platform to automatically disable users after a specific period of inactivity. On the Administration > Applications page, select Network Management Platform and modify the settings to specify the number of days after which an inactive user is automatically disabled. For more information, see Modifying Junos Space Network Management Platform Settings.

From the status of the user, which is displayed in the Status column on the User Accounts inventory landing page or in the Status field on the User Detail Summary page, you can determine whether the user account is enabled or disabled.

When a user whose account is disabled tries to log in to the system, the user sees the message, This account is disabled. If the user is active at the time the user account is disabled, the system logs off the user and displays a message indicating that the user account is disabled. In both cases, an audit log entry is automatically generated. The following is a sample audit log entry:Login Failed. The user is disabled.

To disable or enable one or more users:

  1. On the Junos Space Network Management Platform user interface, select Role Based Access Control > User Accounts.

    The User Accounts page appears.

  2. Select one or more users to disable or enable.

    If both the Enable and the Disable actions are unavailable, you have selected a super user.

  3. Select Disable Users or Enable Users from the Actions menu.

    The Disable or Enable Users confirmation dialog box appears, displaying the list of users to whom the selected action will be applied. Users you selected, but who do not appear on the list, will not have the action applied to them. Only those users who are not already in the state to which you want to convert them can be enabled or disabled. If you selected disabled users to disable again, a message appears indicating that the status cannot be changed.

  4. Verify the list of users that you want to disable or enable, and click Disable or Enable, respectively.

    All selected user accounts are disabled or enabled.

When you enable or disable a user, an audit log entry is automatically generated. To view details about users whom you have enabled or disabled from the audit log, double-click the audit log entry. For example, double-click the Disable Users audit log entry in the Task column. The Audit Log Detail page appears, which displays the users that are disabled. Select a user from the Affected Objects section. Details about the user are displayed in the Affected Object Detail section to the right of the page.