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Viewing the Junos Space Purging Policy and Purging Criteria

On the Purging Policy page, users with the role Super Administrator or System Administrator (or a custom user with the Purging Policy task assigned) can view the built-in purging policy and view and modify purging criteria and trigger conditions for Junos Space Network Management Platform and, if configured, for installed applications. In addition, users can enable or disable purging categories and view detailed information about the purging job on the Job Management page.

To view the purging policy, purging criteria, and trigger conditions:

On the Junos Space Platform UI, select Administration > Purging Policy.

The Purging Policy page is displayed.

This page displays the following trigger conditions for purging on the top part of the page (under Trigger conditions for purging):

  • Disk usage threshold (%)—Percentage of the disk space after which the files are purged

  • Schedule at a later time—Date and time at which the purging is scheduled

  • Recurrence—Interval at which the purging recurs

The purging categories and criteria, as shown in Table 1, are displayed in a table on the bottom part of the page. You can sort the table by purging category, policy status, or priority.

Table 1: Purging Categories and Criteria



App Name

Junos Space application to which the purging category belongs; for Junos Space Platform, Network Management Platform is displayed.

Purging Category

Name of the purging category. The following purging categories are supported:

  • Config File—Backup device configuration files

  • Reports—Generated reports

  • DB Backup—Database backup files

  • Space Logs—Junos Space log files

  • Troubleshooting Log—Troubleshooting log files

Retention Criteria

Retention criteria for the purging category

The period for which the records or files to be retained and the number of records or files to be retained are displayed.

Last Job ID

ID of the last job for the corresponding purging category

Click the job ID link to view the details of the job on the Job Management page.

Policy Status

Status of the purging policy for the corresponding purging category:

  • Enabled—Indicates that the purging policy is enabled for the category

  • Disabled—Indicates that the purging policy is disabled for the category

    When a purging category is disabled, Junos Space does not purge the files or records for that category.


Disk partition for the purging category from which the files or records are purged


Priority for the purging category

A purging category with priority High has precedence over a purging category with priority Medium, which in turn has precedence over a category with priority Low.


Description of the purging category

You can modify some of the fields on the Purging Policy page. For more information, refer to Modifying the Purging Policy and Purging Criteria and Setting the Policy Status.