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Configuration Views Overview

Configuration Views are configuration tools provided by Junos OS using which the user can customize how the configuration details are displayed: Form View, Grid View, XML View, or CLI View. Form View offers a simple view of the configuration details as key-value pairs. The dynamic fields in Form View are defined using parameters. Grid View is a customizable grid that shows the key (column) and list of values (rows). The dynamic column values in Grid View are defined using parameter definitions. Velocity templates (VTL) are used to define the parameters. XML and CLI views show the configuration of the selected component in XML and CLI formats respectively.

To access the tasks related to Configuration Views, select CLI Configlets > Configuration View from the Junos Space user interface.

You can perform the following tasks:

  • Create, modify, or delete Configuration Views.

  • View the statistics of the Configuration Views present in Junos Space Network Management Platform.

  • Export and import Configuration Views in XML format.

Configuration Views can be generated from the actual elements to which the configuration must be applied. The actual elements are represented in a tree structure of the device configuration in the XML format. The context of the element for which the Configuration View is being created is called the execution context.