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Junos Space Home Page Overview

When you log in to Junos Space Network Management Platform, the default page displayed is the Junos Space Dashboard page. However, you can set a different page as the home page and on subsequent logins to Junos Space Platform, the configured home page is displayed. This is useful because you can configure the home page to the page that you visit frequently or the page that is related to your role; for example, a device administrator might configure the Devices Dashboard page as the home page.

Table 1 displays the list of pages in Junos Space Network Management Platform that you are allowed to set as the home page.

Table 1: Junos Space Platform Pages that Can Be Set as the Home Page




Junos Space Dashboard


  • (Devices) Dashboard

  • Device Management

  • Device Discovery (Dashboard)

    • Device Discovery Profiles

  • Unmanaged Devices

  • Model Devices

    • Connection Profiles

  • Secure Console

  • Device Adapter

Device Templates

  • (Device Templates) Dashboard

  • Definitions

  • Templates

CLI Configlets

  • (CLI Configlets) Dashboard

  • Configlets

  • Configuration View

  • Configuration Filter

  • Xpath and Regex

Images and Scripts

  • (Images and Scripts) Dashboard

  • Images

  • Scripts

  • Operations

  • Script Bundles


  • (Reports) Dashboard

  • Report Definitions

  • Generated Reports

Network Monitoring

  • (Networking Monitoring) Dashboard

  • Node List

    • Resync Nodes

  • Search

  • Outages

  • Dashboard

  • Events

  • Alarms

  • Notifications

  • Assets

  • Reports

  • Charts

  • Topology

  • Admin

    • SNMPv3 Trap Configuration

Configuration Files

  • (Configuration Files) Dashboard

  • Config Files Management


  • (Jobs) Dashboard

  • Job Management

Role Based Access Control

  • (Role Based Access Control) Dashboard

  • User Accounts

  • Roles

  • Domains

  • Remote Profiles

  • API Access Profiles

  • User Sessions

Audit Logs

  • (Audit Logs) Dashboard

  • Audit Log


  • (Administration) Dashboard

  • Fabric

    • Space Node Settings

    • SNMP Manager

    • NAT Configuration

  • Database Backup and Restore

  • Licenses

  • Applications

  • Space Troubleshooting

    • Log Configuration

  • Platform Certificate

  • CA/CRL Certificates

  • Authentication Servers

  • SMTP Servers

  • Email Listeners

  • Git Repositories

  • Audit Log Forwarding

  • Proxy Server

  • Tags

  • DMI Schemas

  • Hardware Catalog

  • Purging Policy

The Junos Space Platform home page is displayed in the following cases:

  • When you log in to Junos Space

  • When you the click the Home icon on the Junos Space banner and select Go to homepage

  • When you switch domains and if the page that was displayed prior to the domain switch is not accessible in the new domain


    If the configured home page is not accessible in the new domain, then the Junos Space Dashboard page is loaded.


If an installed Junos Space application supports the Junos Space home page, the Home Page icon is displayed when you access the application; otherwise it is hidden.

For more information about how to set and access the Junos Space home page, refer to Setting and Accessing the Junos Space Home Page.

Release History Table
SNMPv3 Trap Configuration
Hardware Catalog
Space Troubleshooting
Log Configuration
Audit Log Forwarding
Git Repositories