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Sharing a Tag

User-defined tags are always created as private tags initially. If your tag has public value, you can share it to make it public for all users to tag objects on a workspace inventory page. To share a tag, you must have Tag Administrator privileges.

To share a tag.

  1. On the Junos Space Network Management Platform user interface, select Administration > Tags.

    The Tags inventory page appears.

  2. Select one or more private tags on the inventory page. The private keyword in the Access Type column on the Tags page indicates private tags.
  3. Select Make Tag Public from the Actions menu or the shortcut menu.

    The Share Tag status box indicates whether you have shared the tag successfully.

    You can also share a tag when you add a new tag. (see Creating a Tag).

  4. Click OK on the Share Tag status box.

    The Access Type of the tag changes on the inventory table from private to public.


    You cannot revert a public tag to a private tag.

When you share a tag, an audit log entry is automatically generated.