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Cloning a Device Discovery Profile

You clone a device discovery profile when you want to reuse the details of an existing device discovery profile and quickly create a new device discovery profile.


To use the cloned device discovery profile immediately after cloning, you must not modify the targets and fingerprints, or the discovery schedule. You can also choose not to schedule discovery until you finalize the discovery preferences.

To clone a device discovery profile:

  1. On the Junos Space Network Management Platform user interface, select Devices > Device Discovery > Device Discovery Profiles.

    The Discover Discovery Profiles page is displayed.

  2. Select the check box corresponding to the device discovery profile you want to clone and click Clone Profile from the Actions menu.

    The Clone Device Discovery Profile page is displayed.

    The Device Discovery Target page is displayed on the left. The list of different tasks that should be completed to create a device discovery profile is displayed on the right: Device Discovery Target, Specify Probes, Specify Credentials, Specify Device FingerPrint, and Schedule/Recurrence.


    At any point in time, you can click the links to the different tasks (on the right of the page), navigate to those pages, and change the details of the device discovery profile.

  3. (Optional) Review and modify the details of the device and click Next.

    The Specify Probes page is displayed.

  4. (Optional) Review and modify the probes and click Next.

    The Specify Credentials page is displayed.

  5. (Optional) Review and modify the authentication details and click Next.

    If you modify the discovery profile, the Private Key field displays id_rsa (which is the default filename) instead of the name of the uploaded file.

    The Specify Device FingerPrint page is displayed.

  6. (Optional) Review and modify the fingerprint details and click Next.

    The Schedule/Recurrence page is displayed.

  7. (Optional) Review and modify the schedule and click Finish.

    A new device discovery profile is created. A job is created and the Discover Network Elements Information dialog box displays the link to the job ID. Click OK to close the Information dialog box.