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Looking Glass Overview

You use the Looking Glass feature to view device configurations by executing basic CLI commands on the Junos Space user interface. You can execute these commands on multiple devices and compare the configurations and runtime information in these devices. You can execute the following types of commands by using Looking Glass: show, ping, test, and traceroute.

The commands that are supported and stored in the Junos Space Network Management Platform database are displayed on the Looking Glass page. When you type the first few letters of the command, the suggestion list displays the commands that are supported, stored, and begin with the letters that you typed.

If you enter a show command and do not find any suggestions on the suggestion list, enter the complete command and click the Refresh Response button to execute the command.


You cannot execute the following types of command by using Looking Glass: request, monitor, op, restart, and clear.

With Looking Glass, you can perform the following tasks:

  • Select a maximum of ten devices to execute commands.

  • View the outputs of the commands that you executed on multiple devices in two formats: Format Text view and Table view. The Format Text view displays the command output in plain-text format. The Table view displays the information in a format that resembles the Device Management page in Junos Space Platform.

  • Export the results of the executed command in CSV or DOC format.

  • Configure a timeout interval to stop executing commands on some devices that take a long time to respond with results. The results for the devices that allowed the commands to be executed within the timeout interval are displayed. The default timeout interval is 120 seconds. You can modify the Looking Glass Device response timeout in secs option on the Modify Application Settings page.

You must have the privileges to use Looking Glass on a device. Without permissions to manage a device, you cannot use Looking Glass on the device.