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Laser and LED Safety Guidelines and Warnings for Junos Space Appliances

Observe the following guidelines and warnings:

General Laser Safety Guidelines

When working around ports that support optical transceivers, observe the following safety guidelines to prevent eye injury:

  • Do not look into unterminated ports or at fibers that connect to unknown sources.

  • Do not examine unterminated optical ports with optical instruments.

  • Avoid direct exposure to the beam.

    Laser Warning:

    Unterminated optical connectors can emit invisible laser radiation. The lens in the human eye focuses all the laser power on the retina, so focusing the eye directly on a laser source—even a low-power laser—could permanently damage the eye.

Class 1 Laser Product Warning

Laser Warning:

Class 1 laser product.

Waarschuwing Klasse-1 laser produkt.

Varoitus Luokan 1 lasertuote.

Attention Produit laser de classe I.

Warnung Laserprodukt der Klasse 1.

Laser Warning:

Avvertenza Prodotto laser di Classe 1.

Advarsel Laserprodukt av klasse 1.

Aviso Produto laser de classe 1.

¡Atención! Producto láser Clase I.

Varning! Laserprodukt av klass 1.

Class 1 LED Product Warning

Laser Warning:

Class 1 LED product.

Waarschuwing Klasse 1 LED-product.

Varoitus Luokan 1 valodiodituote.

Attention Alarme de produit LED Class I.

Warnung Class 1 LED-Produktwarnung.

Laser Warning:

Avvertenza Avvertenza prodotto LED di Classe 1.

Advarsel LED-produkt i klasse 1.

Aviso Produto de classe 1 com LED.

¡Atención! Aviso sobre producto LED de Clase 1.

Varning! Lysdiodprodukt av klass 1.

Laser Beam Warning

Laser Warning:

Do not stare into the laser beam or view it directly with optical instruments.

Laser Warning:

Waarschuwing Niet in de straal staren of hem rechtstreeks bekijken met optische instrumenten.

Laser Warning:

Varoitus Älä katso säteeseen äläkä tarkastele sitä suoraan optisen laitteen avulla.

Laser Warning:

Attention Ne pas fixer le faisceau des yeux, ni l'observer directement à l'aide d'instruments optiques.

Laser Warning:

Warnung Nicht direkt in den Strahl blicken und ihn nicht direkt mit optischen Geräten prüfen.

Laser Warning:

Avvertenza Non fissare il raggio con gli occhi né usare strumenti ottici per osservarlo direttamente.

Laser Warning:

Advarsel Stirr eller se ikke direkte p strlen med optiske instrumenter.

Laser Warning:

Aviso Não olhe fixamente para o raio, nem olhe para ele directamente com instrumentos ópticos.

Laser Warning:

¡Atención! No mirar fijamente el haz ni observarlo directamente con instrumentos ópticos.

Laser Warning:

Varning! Rikta inte blicken in mot strålen och titta inte direkt på den genom optiska instrument.