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list-not-less operator



Junos Snapshot Administrator test operator that determines if the specified XML elements are present in the first snapshot but are not present in the second snapshot. The list-not-less test-operator validates the existence in the second snapshot of the elements defined by the id statement.


err string

Statement generated when the test case returns false.

id id

XPath expression relative to the data content that specifies a unique data element that maps the first snapshot data item to the second snapshot data item. To create a unique ID based on multiple element values, define multiple id statements.

info string

Description of the test case.

Usage Examples

The following test case checks if the OSPF neighbors that existed before the device maintenance are present after the device maintenance. If any OSPF neighbors present in the first snapshot are missing from the second snapshot, the code reports an error.

Release Information

Operator introduced in Junos Snapshot Administrator Release 1.0.