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Network Table Overview

The network table at the bottom of the Topology page displays detailed information about devices, links, and sites in their respective tabs. To access the network table, click Observability > Network > Topology. You can perform the following common functions from the device tab, the link tab, and the site tab on the Topology page.

  • Hide/Show the network table—To display or hide the network information table, click the collapsible arrow icon present in the top left-corner of the table.

  • Download—To download the data displayed in the selected tab to your local system, click Download. The data is downloaded to your local system as a comma-separated values (CSV) file.

  • Filter Entries Using Criteria—To filter the table entries by adding new filtering criteria, hover over the Filter (funnel) icon and select Add Filter. On the Add Criteria page that appears, select the filtering criteria from the Field and Condition list, and enter the text to be compared in the Value field. Then, click Add.

    The filtered table entries are listed and the filter criteria name is displayed above the table column names.

    To remove the filtering criteria, click the (X) icon (next to the filter name).

    • You can add multiple filtering criteria. Once you add the multiple filtering criteria, select the And condition to display the entries matching all the filtering criteria or the Or condition to display the entries matching any one of the filtering criteria.

    • Quick filter: Once you have added all the filtering criteria, click Save to save a particular criterion or multiple criteria for future use.

      On the Save Filter page that appears, enter a name for the filter. Optionally, toggle the Set as Default button if you want to use this filtering criteria by default, and click OK.

      The saved filters are displayed under Quick Filters when you hover over the Filter (funnel) icon. You can then apply these saved filters to the table entries.

  • Show/Hide Columns—Choose to show or hide one or more columns in the table on each tab.

    Hover over the vertical ellipsis icon and select Show/Hide Columns. In the list that appears, select the Column-Name check boxes corresponding to the columns you want to display in the table.

    Only the selected columns are displayed in the table.

  • Reset Preference—Resets the displayed columns to the default set of columns in the table for each tab and reloads the topology map.

    Hover over the vertical ellipsis icon and select Reset Preference.

    Only the default columns are displayed in the table. Paragon Automation also reloads the topology map to the default view if you reposition devices without saving the coordinates or filter links.

The network table has the following tabs:

  • Device—View details about the devices in the network. For more information, see About the Device Tab.

  • Link—View details about the links in the network. For more information, see About the Link Tab.

  • Site—View details about the sites where you deployed devices in the network. For more information, see About the Site Tab.