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Publish a Network Implementation Plan

You must have the Network Admin or Super User roles to publish a network implementation plan.

You publish a plan after you modify data included in the plan or modify data in any of the profiles included in the plan so that the changes are propagated to the respective devices included in the plan. When you save the plan, the configuration is saved only in the Paragon Automation database and not pushed to the devices.

When you edit a plan, the status of the plan is Uploaded. After the plan is published, the state changes to Transformed.

To publish a network implementation plan:

  1. Click Inventory > Device Onboarding > Network Implementation Plan.
    The Network Implementation Plan page appears.
  2. Select a plan that you want to publish and click Publish.
    A confirmation message appears indicating that the plan is published. The status of the plan is changed to Transformed.
  3. (Optional) Log in to the device and view the configurations to confirm that the published changes are applied.