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Move a Device to Production (Day 1 and Day 2 Activities)

After a device is onboarded, a Network Operation Center (NOC) engineer (a user with the Network Admin or Super User role) can perform the following tasks before moving the device to production:

To move a device to production:

  1. Log in to Paragon Automation and access your organization.
    The Troubleshoot Devices page appears.
  2. On the left navigation menu, click Inventory > Onboarding Dashboard.
    The Put Devices into Service page appears. The page displays a summary of the number of devices that are ready to be installed and ready for service along with a summary of the number of devices that have critical (Urgent Action Needed) and major (Action Needed) alerts and alarms.
  3. Filter the Ready for Service devices by selecting Ready for Service in the drop-down list provided for filtering under Operational State.

    The devices with the Ready for Service status are listed.

  4. Click the Hostname link of the device to view the result of the automated tests that are performed on the device.
    The Device-Name page appears.
  5. Analyze the results of the tests in the different accordions and view the alerts raised for the device.
    If no critical or major issues are present, you can move the device to production.
  6. Click Put into Service to move the device to production.

    Paragon Automation changes the status of the device to In Service and moves the device to production.

  7. You can monitor the device for any alerts or alarms from the Device-Name page. Take the necessary actions to rectify any issues while the device is in production.