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Modify an L3VPN Service Instance

A Super User or a Network Admin can modify a service instance and provision the modified service in the network. When you publish a modified a service instance, Paragon Automation generates a modify service order to provision the updated service. You can modify a service instance by uploading a preconfigured JSON file containing the changes. Alternatively, you can use the UI fields on the Modify L3 VPN Service page to modify the service-related parameters.


You cannot edit the customer and Instance Name fields while modifying a service instance.

To modify a service instance:

  1. Click Orchestration > Instances.
    The Service Instances page appears.
  2. Select the service instance you want to edit and click the Edit (Pen) icon.
    The Modify L3 VPN Service page appears.
  3. In the General section, click Browse to upload a preconfigured JSON file that contains the modifications to the service instance.
    Follow steps 4 to 8 if you are modifying the service instance by using the UI fields on the page.
  4. In the General section, modify the VPN ID and service topology type, if applicable.
  5. Click Next to proceed to the Site Settings section.
  6. In the Site Settings section, select the site that you want to modify and click the Edit (pen) icon.
    The Edit Site page appears. You can edit site ID, location, and maximum route values by referring to Table 1.
  7. Click OK.
    To view the modified site details, expand the site name and expand Properties.
  8. To edit site network access details:
    1. Expand the site name and expand Site Network Access.
    2. Select the network access that you want to modify and click the Edit (pen) icon.
      The Edit Connection page appears.
    3. Expand each section on the page to edit the field values as applicable. See Add Site Network Access Parameters.
    4. Expand Placement and the modify the CE node, PE node, and PE interface parameters by clicking the drop-down in each field.
    5. Do any of the following:
      • Click Cancel to exit the Add Site Network Access page without saving the changes you made.

      • Click OK to save the modified site network access details. The modified values are listed in the Site Network Access table.

  9. Click Next to proceed to the Summary section.

    You see a graphical map of your service topology and a summary of the service order.

  10. (Optional) Click Export to export and save the service order in JSON format on your local system.
  11. Click Save.

    The modified service instance is listed on the Service Instances page.

  12. Select the modified service instance on the Service Instances page and click Publish to activate the automated workflow for provisioning the service.