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Add an Organization

An organization represents a customer. You can add only one organization in this release.

You can add an organization from:

  • The New Account page when you log in to Paragon Automation as a superuser.

  • The organization list (next to the Help icon) on the top right-corner of the Paragon Automation GUI.

To add an organization:

  1. Click Create Organization on the New Account page or in the Organization drop-down list at the top-right corner.
    The Create Organization page appears.
  2. In the Organization Name field, enter a name for the organization.
  3. Click OK.
    The organization appears in the list of organizations and on the Select an organization page.
  4. Click the organization to access the organization.

You are the superuser for an organization that you create. After you create an organization, you can configure the organization settings and invite users to access the organization. For more information, see Manage Organization Settings and Invite Users respectively.