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Add Checklist for a Device

Checklists are documents that provide guidelines and recommendations for securing networks. A network administrator uses checklists to ensure that the targets and the network meet the security and compliance requirements. Checklists serve as a reference document for network administrators to compare the current configuration of the target to the configuration recommended in the checklist.

A checklist is based on a benchmarks document and contains a set of rules imported from previous scan results. As a checklist may contain hundreds of rules, analyzing and resolving each failed rule for every scan can be a time-consuming task. Paragon Automation enables you to supplement rule results from scans manually, and allows you to specify that a rule doesn't apply to a specific device.

Paragon Automation allows you to add a checklist for a specific device, update it by importing rules from completed scans, and then edit and mark rules as Resolved or Not Applicable based on network and device requirements. After you mark a rule as Resolved or Not Applicable, Paragon Automation maintains a record of these changes so that a network administrator knows that the rule has been reviewed.

This topic describes how to add a checklist for device.

  1. Click Settings > Compliance Checklist.
    A list of existing checklists are displayed.
  2. Click Add (+).
  3. On the Add Checklist page, enter a name, select a checklist template, and the device to which the checklist is applied.
  4. Click OK.
    The new checklist is displayed on the Compliance Checklist page.