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set paragon cluster common-services ingress


Hierarchy Level



Set the common ingress virtual IP (VIP) address and hostname. The ingress VIP is used to access the Paragon Automation Web GUI. Also, enable or disable custom user certificates. If enabled, the certificate file and key file must be copied to the /root/epic/config directory.


ingress-hostname hostname

Set the hostname for the ingress VIP address.

ingress-vip address

Set the common ingress VIP address.

user-certificate use-user-certificate (true | false)

Enable or disable custom user certificates.

user-certificate user-certificate-filename cert_file

Set the custom user certificate filename.

user-certificate user-certificate-key-filename cert_key_file

Set the custom user certificate key filename.

Required Privilege Level


Release Information

Statement introduced in Paragon Automation Release 2.0.0.