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set foghorn:core org-id



Set organization ID in service orchestration cMGD to set the context of all tasks that are executed.

Follow these steps to set organization ID using the command:

  1. Log in to the service orchestration cMGD CLI. See Access the Service Orchestration cMGD CLI.

  2. Execute configure to enter the configuration mode.

  3. Execute the set foghorn:core org-id <organization-id> command.

  4. Execute commit and quit to commit the update and exit the configuration mode.



The organization ID is an auto-generated alphanumeric ID assigned to an organization.

Get the ID of the organization from the Paragon Automation GUI. To get the organization ID:

  1. Click Settings Menu > System Settings on the banner.

  2. Click Copy next to the Organization ID field.

Release Information

Command introduced in Paragon Automation Release 2.0.0.