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Organization and Sites Overview

An organization in Paragon Automation represents a customer. An organization can have multiple sites representing the locations where routers, switches, and firewalls are installed. While a site can have more than one device, a device can be associated with only one site. In Paragon Automation, you must assign a device to a site to be able to apply the device life-cycle management (LCM) functions on the device. You can add only one organization in this release.

You can group sites based on regions, functions, or other parameters for efficient management of the devices. Figure 1 represents the relation between an organization, sites, and site groups in Paragon Automation. In Figure 1, an organization has seven sites and three sites groups (Site Group 1, Site Group 2, and Site Group 3). Site 3 and Site 4 are a part of Site Group 1 and Site Group 3 while Site 7 is part of Site Group 2 and Site Group 3.

Figure 1: Organization, Sites, and Site Groups Organization, Sites, and Site Groups