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Compliance Scans Overview

A Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP) scan is the process for using known standards to run vulnerability and compliance scans. An SCAP scan allows the user to evaluate and secure their targets and networks.

An SCAP scan compares the system you are scanning to a baseline benchmarks document. The output of a SCAP scan is a SCAP results document.

The Compliance page displays a list of scans already run on the network. You can click a scan name to view details of the network targets scanned along with compliance scores in the range 0 – 100 for each target. A score of zero (0) indicates that the target device did not meet the compliance prerequisites to assign a valid score. A compliance score of 100 indicates that the target device is fully compliant.


In Paragon Automation, labels are key-value pairs attached to objects, such as a compliance scan, device registration, trust score plan, and so on. Each object can have a set of key-value labels defined. Each key must be unique for a given object.

Labels are used only for identifying objects, and can be used to organize subsets of objects. Labels can be attached to objects at the time of creation, and subsequently added and modified at any time through APIs.