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Access the Paragon Automation GUI

Paragon Automation provides you with multiple authentication methods to log in. The login workflow consists of the following tasks based on the authentication method that you choose.

To log in to Paragon Automation Web GUI:

  1. Access the Paragon Automation Web GUI by entering the web-ui-ip-address.

  2. Enter your credentials to log in to the Paragon Automation Web GUI. For more information on user login, see User Activation and Login.

  3. Create or select (join) an organization.

After you complete the login steps, you can view the device inventory page of an organization. You can secure your future login sessions to an organization by enabling two-factor authentication (2FA). If you enabled 2FA, you must verify your identity by using an authenticator application.

You can also configure single sign-on (SSO) that uses an identity provider (IdP) to authenticate and authorize users and to permit them to perform role-based tasks. For more information, see Single Sign-On (SSO).