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About the Snapshots Page

To access this page, click Trust > Network Score and then click the pop-up link for the device displayed in the cards on the top of the page. Alternatively, you can navigate to the Snapshots page by clicking on the graph for a device in the Network Score page. The cards on the Snapshots page provide information about compliance score trends, changes in compliance score, and number of snapshots taken in the past month.

A snapshot in Paragon Automation records the state of a target and the existing data associated with the target when the snapshot was taken. A snapshot includes metadata such the as the software version on the target.

Paragon Automation automatically generates snapshots for the devices in the network every 24 hours. These snapshots provide an evaluation of a targets' performance over time. For example, the first record of a target is generated when a device is onboarded; this initial snapshot provides a baseline for the device, which determines whether the device has trended positively or negatively over time. You can move the Time Range slider to filter snapshots for a specific period of time.

To view more information about a snapshot, click the Detail icon. You can view device, compliance, integrity, and vulnerability information.

The Time Range chart displays a graph depicting the changes in the trust score. This data serves as a historical record of the target's trust score changes.

Tasks You Can Perform

You can perform the following tasks from this page:

  • View trust score trends, trust score changes, and the number of snapshots taken during the past month

  • View snapshots for the targets in the network. Select a target to view its snapshots.

  • View compliance scores recorded in individual snapshots of the target. Click a score to view detailed information about how the variable and reputational factors contributed to the compliance score.

  • Add a snapshot of a target to record the status of the target at a specific time. See Add a Snapshot for a Target .

  • You can also perform the following tasks on this page:

    • Sort, resize, or re-arrange columns in a table (grid).

    • Show or hide columns in the table or reset page preferences, using the vertical ellipsis menu.

    • Search by using keywords—Click the search icon (magnifying glass), enter the search term in the text box, and press Enter. The search results are displayed on the same page.

    • Filter the data displayed in the table—Click the filter icon (funnel) and select whether you want to show or hide advanced filters. You can then add or remove filter criteria, save criteria as a filter, apply or clear filters, and so on. The filtered results are displayed on the same page.

    For more information, see GUI Overview.

Field Descriptions

Table 1 displays the fields on the Snapshots page.

Table 1: Fields on the Snapshots Page
Field Description
ID Unique identifier that Paragon Automation generates for the target.
Time Time the snapshot was taken.
Trust Score Trust score of the target at the time of taking the snapshot.
Target Name of the target.
Hostname Hostname of the target.
IP Address IP address of the target,
Model Model name of the target.
Version Version of the operating system running on the target.
OS Name of the operating system running on the target.