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About the Audit Logs Page

To access this page, select Settings Menu > Audit Logs on the banner. Super Users and Network Admins can view and filter activities initiated by a user or by a process in a workflow that the user has initiated in an organization.

The Audit Logs page refreshes automatically and displays the latest logs.

Tasks You Can Perform

  • View details of an audit log—Select an audit log and click More > Detail or click the Details icon on the left. The Details for Audit Log pane appears.

    Hover over the Period drop-down list to filter the audit logs based on the time interval you select. You can choose Last 60 Minutes, Last 24 Hours, Last 7 Days, Today, Yesterday, This Week, or Custom (enter a custom time range).

  • You can also perform the following tasks on this page:

    • Sort, resize, or re-arrange columns in a table (grid).

    • Show or hide columns in the table or reset page preferences, using the vertical ellipsis menu.

    • Search by using keywords—Click the search icon (magnifying glass), enter the search term in the text box, and press Enter. The search results are displayed on the same page.

    • Filter the data displayed in the table—Click the filter icon (funnel) and select whether you want to show or hide advanced filters. You can then add or remove filter criteria, save criteria as a filter, apply or clear filters, and so on. The filtered results are displayed on the same page.

    For more information, see GUI Overview.

Field Descriptions

Table 1 describes the fields on the Audit Logs page.

Table 1: Fields on the Audit Logs Page
Field Description
ID Unique identifier assigned to the log.
Timestamp Date and time at which the audit log was recorded.
Username Name and e-mail address of the user who initiated the task.
Source IP IP address of the device from which the user initiated the task. For tasks that do not have an associated source IP address, this field is blank.
Message Description of the logged task.
Site Name of the site in which the task was initiated.
User Agent Displays information about the Web browser the user used to access Paragon Automation GUI.
Job Displays a clickable Show job details link if a job is associated with the audit log activity. Click the link to search and display audit logs with the same Job ID.
Job ID Unique identifier assigned to the job.