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About the Add L3 VPN Service Page

The Add L3 VPN Service page allows you to create an L3VPN service instance. To create an instance, you can either upload a preconfigured JSON file or add details in the UI fields on this page.

To access the Add L3 VPN Service page:

  1. Click Orchestration > Instances.

    The Service Instance page appears.

  2. On the Service Instances page, click Add > L3 VPN.

    The Add L3 VPN Service page appears.

Tasks You Can Perform

  • Create an L3VPN service instance by uploading a preconfigured JSON file or by entering service details in the UI fields. When you upload a preconfigured file, the UI fields are automatically populated with the values you specify in the file. See Add an L3VPN Service Instance.

  • Add service details such as the service instance name, customer name, VPN ID, and VPN service topology. See Table 1.

  • Add sites for the L3VPN service and provide site details like location and maximum routes. See Add L3VPN Site.

  • Add site network access settings like access diversity constraints, bearer, IP connection, and service parameters. See Add Site Network Access Parameters.

  • View a summary of the service order and a graphical representation of the VPN topology map. You can also export the service order in the JSON format to save on your local system for future use. See Add an L3VPN Service Instance.

  • Save the service order after entering the details. See Add an L3VPN Service Instance.

Sections on the Page

The Add L3 VPN Service page has the following sections:

  • General—This section allows you to enter the service details.

  • Site Settings—This section allows you to configure the service site-specific settings.

  • Summary—This section allows you to view the service instance summary and service topology map.

Use the following buttons to navigate between sections on the page:

  • Next—Click the Next button to proceed to the next section.

  • Back—Click the Back button to go back to the previous section.

  • Cancel—Use the Cancel button to cancel the information you have entered, exit the page, and return to the Service Instances page. Your changes are not saved.

    Click Yes to confirm you want to exit the page without saving your changes.