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Prerequisites for Onboarding a Router

Before you onboard a router, ensure that:

  • The router can reach the gateway.


    If a firewall exists between Juniper Mist Routing Assurance and the router, configure the firewall to allow outbound access on TCP ports 2200 and 443, from the management port of the router.

  • The router can connect to the Internet by pinging IP address

  • You take a back up of the existing Junos OS configuration on the router by running the following command from the router's CLI:

    Backup configuration is saved in the config directory. You can view the backed up configuration file by starting the Junos OS shell and running the following commands:

    Note: We recommend that you back up the existing Junos OS configuration on a router before onboarding it.

Configure Ports

Table 1 lists the ports that should be enabled to allow the router to connect with the cloud.

Table 1: Ports Configuration

Service Type


Port Number

Admin Portal

TCP 443

Router to Juniper Cloud

TCP 2200