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Juniper Apstra Cloud Services Overview

Obtaining real-time visibility into the functioning of the data center is critical to providing an unmatched user experience. It is important that administrators have the ability to resolve data center events and anomalies proactively, in the same way as administrators resolve campus network events using Mist.

For this, administrators should have visibility into the operations of the data center in real-time. The Juniper Apstra Cloud Services application, which can receive, process, and perform root cause analysis of networks events from an Apstra-managed data center, can enable network administrators to proactively respond to data center events ensuring that users' application experience remains unaffected.

Juniper Apstra Cloud Services is a SaaS-based Day 2 observability platform for data centers that are managed using Juniper Apstra. By utilizing the AIOps capability of Marvis, Juniper Apstra Cloud Services analyzes the events information received from the Apstra-managed data center and displays them in Marvis Actions view along with recommended actions to resolve those events.

Juniper Apstra Cloud Services runs as an independent application in the cloud, receiving and analyzing events information from Apstra. You can also integrate Juniper Apstra Cloud Services with Mist. When integrated with Mist, you can view the total number of data center events in the Data Center/Application category in Marvis Actions along with other event types for the campus and branch networks. You can then access Juniper Apstra Cloud Services and view more detailed information about those data center events in Marvis Actions. This way, network administrators get complete visibility into the operations of the entire enterprise network, comprising the campus, branch, and data center networks. Administrators can resolve network issues proactively, which in turn enables enterprises to improve operational efficiency and reduce operational cost and downtime.

In addition to the AIOps-based Marvis Actions, Juniper Apstra Cloud Services also provides the generative AI-based Marvis Conversational Interface (CI), which enables administrators to quickly search within product documentation for relevant troubleshooting information to resolve the events.