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Invite Users

An administrator with the Super User role can add users to an organization by sending an e-mail invitation from the Administrators page.

The user must accept the invitation within seven days, after which the invitation expires.

A user's access privileges within the organization is based on the role assigned to the user. A user can be assigned only one role in an organization in Juniper Apstra Cloud Services. However, a user can be a member of multiple organizations within Juniper Apstra Cloud Services, and can have different roles in each organization. For more information on roles, see Predefined User Roles Overview.

To invite a user:

  1. Click Organization > Administrators.

    The Administrators page appears.

  2. Click the Invite Administrators icon.

    The Administrators: New Invitation page appears.

  3. Enter user details and assign a role according to the guidelines provided in Table 1.
  4. Click Invite.

    A confirmation message indicating that the user is invited is displayed, and the user details are listed on the Users page.

  5. Check the status of the user. The status is displayed as Invite Pending. If the status changes to Invite Expired, you can delete the user, reinvite the user or cancel the invitation. For more information, see Cancel an Invitation and Reinvite a User.
Table 1: Fields on the Invite User Page
Field Description
First Name Enter the first name of the user.

First name can contain up to 64 characters.

Last Name Enter the last name of the user.

Last name can contain up to 64 characters.

Email The e-mail address the user would use to access Juniper Apstra Cloud Services.

Assign a role to the user. You can assign only one role to a user in an organization.

You can assign:

Administrator Roles

  • Super User

  • Network Admin

  • Observer

  • Helpdesk

Limited Roles

  • Reporting

  • DC Edge Admin

  • Super Observer

See Predefined User Roles Overview for information about user roles.
Site Access Select the sites the user can access in the organization. You must select at least one site. The options are:
  • All Sites: The user can access all sites in the organization.

  • Site Groups: The user can access specific site groups. Click Add (+) icon to add one or more site groups from the drop-down list.

  • Specific Sites: The user can access specific sites in the organization. Click Add (+) icon to add specific sites from the drop-down list.