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System Requirements

Before installing the vLWC software in a VMWare environment, your system must meet the requirements described in the following sections.

VMWare Requirements

Currently, VMWare is the only supported environment for vLWC, where it is deployed as a vApp OVA. To run this vApp, your VMWare environment must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • For standalone host configurations:

    • VMWare vSphere Hypervisor (ESXi) (6.7.0 or later)

  • For host configurations with vSphere:

    • VMWare vCenter Server (6.7.0 or later)

    • VMWare vSphere Hypervisor (ESXi) (6.7.0 or later)

  • Three VM networks (for internal, external and management interfaces)

  • Connectivity from internal VM network to Junos devices

  • Connectivity from external VM network to Internet or active proxy server

  • Support for VMXNET3 network adapters

Hardware Requirements

The ggc-lnx VM that runs the vLWC can be deployed in a small or large hardware configuration. Your system must meet the minimum hardware requirements for the VM to run properly for the desired scale of Junos devices being collected from. See Table 1.

Table 1: Hardware Requirements
Configuration Type

Total Devices Supported

Number of vCPUs Memory Storage

Up to 10,000 devices

6 CPUs 16 GB RAM 400 GB disk space

Up to 20,000 devices

12 CPUs 32 GB RAM 400 GB disk space

The vLWC can experience data collection issues if your system does not meet the minimum requirements. A lack of CPU and/or memory resources can cause the vLWC to go into a holding pattern and stop collecting data.