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Resolve a Non-Compliance Issue

You can view recommendations to resolve a non-compliance issue of a feature license on the Compliance tab.

The reasons for non-compliance are:

  • License expired—A feature license is expired.

  • Expired but not used—A feature license is expired and the feature is not used on the device.

  • Feature usage without license—A feature is used without a license

  • License over usage—A device uses more bandwidth than the allocated licensed capacity.

To resolve a non-compliance issue:

  1. Navigate to Organization > Licensing.
  2. Click the Compliance tab.
    The Compliance tab appears.
  3. Select the option button next to the serial number of the device that is non compliant.
    The Resolve button appears.
  4. Click Resolve.
    The Compliance Resolution pop-up, indicating ways to resolve the non-compliance issue, appears.
  5. Click Activate to resolve the non-compliance issue.

    The Activate button appears only when you have an entitlement in your repository. If you don't have an entitlement, you can only view the recommendations to buy an entitlement.