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Remove an Entitlement

You (superuser) can remove an entitlement from an entitlement group by using the Entitlements tab (Organization > Licensing > Entitlements). After you remove an entitlement from the Entitlements tab, that entitlement is listed again on the Add to Group tab. The Add to Group tab remains the same across organizations in your Juniper account.

To remove an entitlement from a group:
  1. Select Organization > Licensing > Entitlements.
    The Entitlements tab appears.
  2. Select the option button next to the name of the entitlement (Product Name) that you want to remove from the group, and click Remove from group.

    The following confirmation message is displayed: Are you sure you want to remove selected entitlement from the group?

  3. Click Yes to remove the entitlement.

    A message indicating that the entitlement is successfully removed from the entitlement group is displayed.

    The entitlement that you removed is listed on the Add to Group tab (Organization > Licensing > Add to Group).