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Manage Your Account

You can manage your account information from the My Account page. You can access the My Account page by clicking the user account icon in the top right corner of the GUI. From the list, choose My Account.
  1. To change account information:
    1. Click your user account icon at the top-right corner and click My Account from the list.
    2. Change your e-mail address, name, and phone number, as necessary, in the Account Information section.
      To change your e-mail address, click CHANGE. In the Change Email window, enter the new e-mail address.

      A verification link is sent to the new e-mail address and the address is updated in Juniper Support Insights after authentication.

    3. Click Save.
      Your user account information is successfully updated.
  2. To change your password:
    1. Type a password in the New Password box.
      The superuser configures the password policy for the organization. A password can contain up to 32 characters including special characters.
    2. Click Save.
      A message confirms that your user data is successfully updated.
  3. To enable two-factor authentication:
    1. Enable Two Factor Authentication check box, under Authentication.
    2. Click Save.
      A message confirms updating your user data. A verify button appears near the two-factor authentication option.
    3. Click Verify.
      The Verification of Two Factor Authentication page displays a QR code.
    4. Open your authenticator application and click the add icon (+) to add a new account.
    5. Scan the QR code displayed.
      Your account appears in your authenticator application.
    6. Enter the token number from your authenticator application in the Verification of Two Factor Authentication page.
    7. Click Verify.
      A green check mark appears beside the Two Factor Authentication option on your My Account page. The two-factor authentication is active for your account. You can log out and log back in to the cloud portal.
  4. To set your time preference and MAC address format:
    You can format the way time and MAC address is displayed on the GUI.
    1. Under Preferences, select the MAC address format you prefer. The three options are xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx, xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx, xxxx.xxxx.xxxx.
    2. Under Preferences, select 24-Hour Time if you prefer that time format, or leave the box unchecked if you prefer a 12-hour time format.
    3. Click Save.
  5. To enable e-mail notifications:
    You must enable e-mail notification on the My Account page to receive e-mail notifications for all or selected sites. You can also enable e-mail notifications at the organization level.
    1. Click Enable in the Email Notification section.
      The Enable Email Notifications page appears.
    2. Click the Enable Org Notifications toggle button to enable e-mail notifications at the organization level.
    1. Click the toggle button against a site to receive e-mail notifications specific to the site.
    2. Click Close.
      The Enable Email Notification section shows that you have enabled notifications for your current organization.
  6. To enable social sign-in:
    1. Enable the Sign In With Google option in the Social Sign In section.
      A message asks your permission for redirection to link your Google account.
    2. Click Yes.
      You will be redirected to the Google sign in page.
    3. Enter your Google e-mail and password and click Next.
      Juniper Support Insights links your Google account and redirects to the My Account page. A message confirms that Juniper Support Insights has linked your Google account.
  7. To create an organization:
    1. Click Utilities > Create Organization.
      The Create Organization window appears.
    2. Enter a name for the organization.
    3. Click OK. The new organization opens in a new tab.
  8. To delete your account:
    1. Click Utilities > Delete Account.
      A confirmation message appears.
    2. Click Yes.

      The Juniper Support Insights logs you out and deletes your account.


      After you delete your user account, the audit logs related to your activities in the organization is stored for 30 days.