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Integrate Your Juniper Support Resources to Your Organization

To enable the correlation of devices maintained within Juniper’s support databases to your Juniper Support Insight experience, you must associate your organization with your Juniper support resources. To create this association, use your Juniper Support credentials (created through the Juniper Support Portal), to integrate your support resources to your organization.

For more information on device specific details collected from the cloud-connected devices, see About the Inventory Page.

To integrate your Juniper support resources to your organization:

  1. Click Organization > Settings to open the Organization Settings page.

    If no Juniper account is currently associated with the organization, the Installed Base tab on the Inventory page will display a link to add a Juniper account. Clicking on the Add Juniper Account link will open the Organization Settings page.

    Locate the Juniper Account Integration tile.

  2. On the Juniper Account Integration tile, click Add.
    The Add Juniper Account window appears.
  3. Enter the access credentials (e-mail address and password) of the Juniper Networks account to be linked, and then click OK.

    Juniper Support Insights validates the Juniper Networks account, adds the user’s primary Juniper account to the organization, and populates the Installed Base (Organization > Inventory > Installed Base) page with the details of the devices assigned to the account.

    The Juniper Account Integration (Organization > Settings) tile displays your Juniper Networks account name.


    To remove an account, click the delete (trash can) icon against the account name on the Juniper Account Integration tile. When you remove a user account, the associated devices are removed from the Installed Base page.