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Claim a Device

To monitor and manage a device using Juniper Support Insights, the device must be claimed by the application. Once the device is claimed by the application it is also easier to apply policies and efficiently manage the device.


You can only claim Juniper switches and WAN edges where the models are available with claim codes.

To claim a device:

  1. Navigate to Organization> Inventory.

    The Inventory page appears.

  2. On the respective tab click Claim Device.
    The Claim Device and Activate Subscriptions page appears.
  3. Enter the device claim code or activation code present on the device.
  4. Assign the device to a site. Under Site Assignment, select the check box next to Assign claimed Device to site. From the drop-down list, select the site to which you want to assign the claimed device.
    The device is assigned to the selected site.
  5. Generate a name for the device. Under Name Generation, select the check box next to Generate names for Device, with format, and enter a unique name for the device.
    The name can contain alphanumeric and special characters.
  6. Click Claim.
    The device is claimed by the application and listed in the respective tab on the Inventory page.