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Resolved Issues

The resolved issues addressed in the JSA 7.5.0 Update Package 6 are listed below:

  • The /var/log partition can fill up due to the tomcat2.log file not being rotated.

  • Editing a managed host in a NAT group generates message "IP for host already exists in deployment".

  • Removing a failed JSA app upgrade by using extensions management also removes the existing running installation.

  • JSA patching can fail due to a free space check that fails.

  • Aggregated searches are showing the wrong flag for some IP addresses.

  • Overridden identity properties can fail to display as expected in the log activity tab.

  • Out of memory for decapper on JSA Network Insights host can occur in advanced inspection level.

  • Scheduled reports can run on raw data causing them to fail or take longer than expected to complete.

  • Postgresql uninstalled after hostservices restarts on standby high availability managed host.

  • Anomaly issues in 7.5.0 Update Package 2 prevent rules wizard from launching and effects offense creation.

  • Truncated NVA configuration file can cause failures on deployed managed hosts.

  • Applications can time out or fail to load due to conman-mks secret encryption performance.

  • Offense emails might not send when custom properties in the agent-config.xml template use curly quotations.

  • High availability setup can fail when primary and secondary IP addresses are too similar.

  • After upgrading to JSA 7.5.0, known_hosts keys can be removed unexpectedly causing SSH errors.

  • A user custom event property (CEP) can incorrectly display the owner as admin in the user interface.

  • Copying a custom property can incorrectly assign the original CEP owner (admin) to a new user.

  • QRoC SAASADMIN role unable to list all users associated with an asset.

  • JSA apps fail to start or stop after editing an app host setting to disable encryption.

  • Application-related issues might occur due to docker keystore error.

  • Domain permission checks can impact performance in the CRE and might send events to store.

  • "Exception reading CRE rules" error in rules used in cause and effect tests due to NullPointerException.

  • Last 30 days in saved search AQL query is searching for information for 5 years.

  • JSA namevaluepairparser can experience errors when the last value contains pair separator.

  • "Top category type" dashboard can cause performance issues, leading to Tomcat (UI) instability.

  • Radius authentication fails in 7.5.0 UP4 due to invalid attributes in configuration file.

  • JSA Network Insights suspect content descriptions for cert flows can be "certificate invalid" if message header timestamp is invalid.

  • Console configuration changes in deployment actions can cause global rule issues.

  • Rule wizard interface refreshes unexpectedly when there is a valid JSA Vulnerability Manager license but no assigned JSA Vulnerability Manager component.

  • Daily reports run out of schedule and can ignore the wizards settings.

  • Inconsistent JSON custom property parsing for optimized payloads with double backslash characters.

  • Rule changes from the console might be rejected by the managed host when IMQ message queue is full.

  • JSA unparsed logs incorrectly go to the consoles SIM generic log source.

  • Optimized JSON custom event properties with backslashes parse as N/A in the user interface.

  • JSA upgrades to 7.5.0 Update Package 5 can take an extended amount of time to complete.

  • Custom event property definition window displays empty "field type" when creating new CEP.

  • File names from SMTP email traffic attachments are not reported in JSA Network Insights 7.5.0.

  • Geographic data rules cause search and event pipeline issues when the location cache exceeds the spillover threshold.

  • Tuning changes can slow ecs-ec components resulting in delays and events routing to storage.

  • Enabled geographic data indexes can cause performance issues in JSA 7.5.0 Update Package 5.