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Known Issues and Limitations

The known issues addressed in the JSA 7.5.0 Update Package 1 are listed below:

  • When you upgrade to JSA 7.5.0 Update Package 1, the hostcontext service might not start properly, because of signing issues in the JCE Policy files.

  • If your network connection is behind a firewall, the App Host is unable to communicate with your Console.

    There is no workaround currently.

  • After you install JSA 7.5.0, your applications might go down temporarily while they are being upgraded to the latest base image.

  • '9804.install' fails when managed host is removed from deployment before upgrading to JSA 7.5.0.

  • If you have WinCollect 7.3.xx installed when you upgrade to JSA 7.5.0, the JSA patch pre-test can fail when the pre-test does not clean out the old yum cache.