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Known Issues and Limitations

  • If the Checking that tomcat is running and ready (attempt 0/30) phase goes past (attempt 10/30), you should use another SSH session to log in to the system's IP address during installation, and remove the imqbroker lock file. Restart the imqbroker service as follows:


    If the installation times out, reboot the system and perform the setup for a second time.

  • The administrator password is not set appropriately by the setup scripts. After installing the console, change the administrator password through the CLI by using the following steps:

    1. Connect to your console using SSH as the root user.

    2. Set the password by running the following command:

    3. Enter the new password when prompted.

    4. Reenter the new password when prompted.

    5. Restart the UI service with the following command:

    6. Log in to the UI with the administrator account and the new password.

    7. Perform deploy changes.

The administrator account password is now changed.